A step-by-Step Guide to Spicecraft® Salts, Spices & Sprinkles🍴

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In the world of Spicecraft®, each product is not just a seasoning; it's an invitation to experiment with food. Let's take a quick dive into how to make the most of BBQ Rubs, Sprinkles/Toppers, and Flavoured Salt Rocks, so that you can transform your kitchen into a flavour-filled haven.

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What are Rubs? 🤷

Rubs are flavourful spice blends designed to enhance the taste of foods, Spicecraft rubs are multipurpose, They can be used in traditional American low and slow BBQ, used in brines for smoked fish, or used in the kitchen to season roasts, soups, casseroles. Comprising a harmonious mix of herbs, spices, NZ sea salt and brown sugar, Spicecraft rubs give a great depth and complexity to dishes and help to create a rich bark on your BBQ meats, a crust and infuse meat with a rich flavour.

How do I use them?

These versatile blends can be applied in two primary ways:

  • as a dry rub 🌵, where the seasoning is generously sprinkled directly onto the meat's surface and left to meld with the natural juices,
  • or as a wet rub 💦, by combining the spice blend with liquids like oil or vinegar to form a paste for marinating.

Our Rubs are designed to be multipurpose, rather than solely as a BBQ rub. You have the option to use them as a rub, or as a general purpose seasoning.

Large array of colourful bbq rubs

How do I use Spicecraft® as a rub?

For use as a dry rub:

1. Preparation 📐

Pat dry your meat with a paper towel.

2. Rubbing 🔨

Generously sprinkle your Spicecraft rub directly onto the meat, ensuring an even coating. Oftentimes we find people who new to rubs, can be afraid to use lot of seasoning, but don't be shy, more rub means more flavour!

3. Resting ⏱️

Allow the rub to sit for at least 15 minutes for optimal absorption.

For Use as a Wet Rub:

1. Creation 🎨

Mix Spicecraft Rub with oil, tomato puree, wine, juice or another liquid of your choice to create a paste or marinade.

2. Application 🔨

Coat the meat thoroughly with the paste, ensuring it adheres well to your chosen meat/food item.

3. Marination ⏱️

For deeper flavour, let the meat marinate for at least 10-15 minutes, allowing the rub to penetrate and be soaked in. Feel free to marinate for a longer time if you want a deeper flavour.

Can I use Spicecraft® Rubs beyond the bbq? 🍖

Of course you can! As mentioned earlier, our products are designed to be used not only exclusively as bbq rubs, but also as general seasonings. You can add any of our Spicecraft® Rubs to soups, casseroles, even mac n' cheese to add more depth and flavour to your dishes (a lady once told me she enjoys having the Crackin' Kiwi Rub on her buttered toast in the morning!). Here's some beyond bbq ideas for you:

Make a classsic Kiwi Dip!

  • Combine 1 cup of sour cream with 1-2 tablespoons of your chosen Spicecraft® BBQ Rub (We suggest Kiwi, Mexican, or Moroccan), and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl.
  • Stir until well-blended.
  • Allow the dip to chill in the refrigerator for at least 15-30 minutes. 
  • Serve: Perfect for dipping chips/crisps, or with veggies or as a tangy sauce for grilled meats.

Make some tastey flavoured bread!

  • Incorporate a Spicecraft Rub into the bread dough during the mixing process.
  • Shape the dough into your desired form and bake according to your bread recipe.
  • Sprinkle additional Spicecraft Rub on top before baking for a flavourful crust.

Try it on popcorn:

Sprinkle Spicecraft Crackin' Kiwi Rub on freshly popped popcorn while it's still warm.

  • Toss gently to ensure an even coating.

What are Spicecraft® Sprinkles & Toppers? 🥗

A sprinkler/topper seasoning is a culinary enhancer designed to add a burst of flavour and visual appeal to various dishes.

Composed of carefully selected herbs, spices, seeds, and other flavourful components, these seasonings provide a convenient and versatile way to elevate the taste and aesthetics of a wide range of foods.

Whether it's our "Super Dukkah", known for its nutty and aromatic profile, or our versatile "No Bagel, No Bagel" (Anything but the Bagel) seasoning, these sprinkles/toppers are intended to be generously sprinkled on dishes like salads, avocado toast, roasted vegetables, or even pasta.

Beyond imparting distinctive flavours, these seasonings have a delightful crunch. The versatility of sprinkler/topper seasonings invites creativity in the kitchen, offering home cooks an effortless means to enhance the overall enjoyment of their culinary creations.

How do I use them?

Just sprinkle it over the top of your favourite meal after cooking, really, it couldn't be easier! Add to salads, poached eggs on toast, avocado on toast, sushi bowls...everything!

How do I use Spicecraft® Rock Salts? 🧂

Our Flavoured Salt Rocks are an innovative and versatile seasoningst hat combines New Zealand sea salt, with carefully curated blends of herbs and spices. Each of our salt blends are uniquely crafted to complement specific dishes while being greatly versatile. We see these effectively as a replacement for salt and pepper.

Spicecraft's collection includes a variety of options, such as Original Salt Rocks, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Wild Salt Rocks. These flavours don't have any beef, chicken, or lamb in them, but are simply flavours that pair well with those meats.

They offer a convenient way to season a diverse range of dishes, with something a bit more interesting than the standard 'salt and pepper' flavour. Whether it's grilling, bbq, roasting, or finishing touches on salads and snacks, these flavoured salts provide a delightful burst of taste with each grind.  

As a Finishing Touch:

Grind Spicecraft Flavoured Salt Rocks directly onto dishes.

For a Savory Butter Spread:

Blend Flavoured Salt Rocks with softened butter. Spread on bread or corn on the cob for a savoury delight.

Flavouring a cocktail:

Rub the rim of the glass with a lime or lemon wedge. Dip the rim into crushed Flavoured Salt Rocks for an extra burst of flavour.

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