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Even after 25+ years of marriage, 2 kids, and working together 8 hours a day for the last 10 years. Richard and Katrina still look forward to cooking up a storm in the kitchen together or testing new products on the BBQ.

Spicecraft 2012-2022

Hi I'm Richard founder of Spicecraft, with 20+ years as a professional chef, I still love working with food, on the BBQ (current BBQ count 7), or in the kitchen, good food is an important part of everyday life in our family.

I created my first seasonings in the early 2000s, initially to season the meats for my catering company. Spitroast and BBQ were the heart of our business then, so the meats we served were the star of the show, and when you are cooking over 1/2 ton of meat in a weekend, the seasonings you choose are pretty important!

Well, the feedback we received was good, so much so that I started packaging our seasonings into salt grinders to leave as gifts for our hosts. They loved them so much that they told their friends, and their friends told their friends, and I have been making and selling these salts in some form ever since then.

The Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 & 2011, prompted a revaluation of what was important in life, and a desire to spend a bit more time with my young family. Katrina (my wife) and I decided to sell our catering business, and in doing so, we were not just kissing goodbye to the long hours, the bridezillas, and staffing issues, we were also saying goodbye to regular income, job security, and even our very direction in life.

The next few years were somewhat tumultuous, featuring a diagnosis for me, of celiac disease, depression, and a re-evaluation of my hearty relationship with alcohol. But good things can come from hard times and with the ongoing support of the best wife in the world, we were slowly finding direction and creating the foundations of our new business.

Leaping forward a few years, we now have our own dedicated facility where we make all of our amazing spice blends, we source the very best of both local and international ingredients, and our salt is exclusively Marlborough sea salt. Every single spice and herb that we use has been personally inspected, before being blended into complex and thoughtful flavour profiles. We then hand-pack all our blends in our Christchurch factory. We produce, design, and package everything ourselves, with Richard overseeing production and Katrina taking care of packaging and distribution.

And if you happen to be looking for vegetarian meat rubs - we've got you covered, all our seasonings are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut free.

We have specifically chosen to sell our products directly to you, you won't see us in your average supermarket, we want to sell a product that is as fresh and full flavored as possible.

Look out for us at various shows and events around the country. You might see us in a few specialty food shops or BBQ stores too.

We are immensely proud of our uniquely Kiwi seasonings, and love hearing about how they have helped make your food and cooking better. It's your feedback that helps to sculpt the direction we go, and the products that we create. So please - keep it coming, stop for a chat, leave us a review, tell your friends!

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