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BBQ Rubs

1️⃣ Rubs & Seasonings

Perfectly balanced BBQ rubs and general seasonings to suit any culinary style. Simply add to your meal before cooking for a flavour fiesta.

2️⃣ Salts & Grinders

Designed to replace traditional, boring, plain, salt and pepper. These salt blends will up your cooking game; and with just one grind you make any meal instantly tasty.

3️⃣ Sprinkles & Toppers

Make your food look insta-worthy, and insta-tasty. Simply sprinkle on top of food as a garnish when serving, it'll not only bring out the flavour in your dish, but make it beautiful.

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Q) I already have a favorite brand of seasoning I use.
A) Well it's your lucky day! The only reason the other brand is your favorite, is that you haven't tried spicecraft yet! Grab a starter pack, and let us know what you think.

Q) I already have a pantry full of rubs and seasonings that I don't use!
A) Sorry to say it's time to get rid of them, you have been buying the wrong stuff! That's why you haven't used them. Try these 

Q) My family doesn't do spicy -
A) No worries - we got this, Smokey Garlic Salt, Original Salt Rocks, Pimped Pepper, and Crackin Kiwi Rub.

Q) I am Celiac -
A) All Spicecraft products are GLUTEN-FREE, vegan, no msg, no palm oil, and nuts free.

Q) I am a chef - I know how to cook-
A) Spicecraft products are all created by Richard - a chef of 30+ years, trust me these products will complement your work.

Q) I don't cook -
A) Perfect - buy the salt-based seasonings, the Original Salt Rocks can literally be used on everything.

Q) I have never heard of Spicecraft, are the products any good?
A) You bet they are! Ask around - check out our reviews.