Spicecraft No Bagel, No Bagel
Spicecraft No Bagel, No Bagel
Spicecraft No Bagel, No Bagel
Spicecraft No Bagel, No Bagel
No Bagel, No Bagel (Everything but the bagel)
No Bagel, No Bagel (Everything but the bagel)

No Bagel, No Bagel (Everything but the bagel)

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Our take on "Everything but the Bagel" - but better!

A delicate, but exciting blend of seedy goodness.

Full of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic and flakey salt - it really is "Everything but the Bagel".

Fantastic on avocado on toast, poached eggs on toasted, great on salads, sushi bowls, anything with rice or noodles, pop it on your table and sprinkle it on everything!

This has the lowest salt content of any of our blends, you don't need to follow a recipe for this one, - just sprinkle it on food, everything and anything, just let your imagination go wild! 

Made from ingredients with No gluten, no nuts, no wheat, no soy, 100% Vegan -(unless you use it on your meat)...

No Rules, no recipes
Sprinkle over salads.
Season a roast meal.
Toss over your stir fry.
Top a baked potato.
On avocado toast.
Sprinkle on popcorn - with butter. Yum!
Bake on a bagel or bread.
Top that Guac, or any dip.
Perfect pie or pastry topping.
The list is endless!
Mix with crumbs for a full flavoured coating
Top that cheese on toast
Top your mac n cheese
"No Bagel, no Bagel" loves eggs - scrambled, fryed, omelettes or poached

Black sesame seeds, garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sea salt, white sesame seeds.

Blended by us, in our own facility, from the highest quality local and imported ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Brannigan
Lovely to put over anything !!

Really nice and versatile spice. Great on salads, meat and basically anything. Recommend to all.

Something different have only used it once on scrambled eggs

sorry no

Hi Lisa, thanks for trying out our 'No Bagel, No Bagel' We appreciate your feedback and we're sorry to hear that it wasn't to your liking. Don't worry, it might not be your thing, but we encourage you to keep experimenting with it. You'll be surprised at the endless ways you can use this product. If you need some inspiration, check out our recipe page. Your honest review is valuable to us and it helps us show our customers that our reviews are 100% transparent. Thanks for taking the time to share with us, and happy cooking!

Jackie C

I love putting No Bagel No Bagel on my…you guessed it - bagel with cream cheese! It elevates it to a new level. I discovered SpiceCraft at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo years ago. The guy who owns it is super nice and I feel that all his products are a necessity in the kitchen.

So pleased you are enjoying our products Jackie, I appriciate your kind words, we love making them, using them, talking about them and sharing them around. But most of all we love hearing from people that use them everyday - Thank you, Richard

Cheryl park

Awesome products and quick delivery. Thank you.

Adeline Sim

Always been using the brand , really love it

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