Smokey Garlic Salt
Spicecraft Smokey Garlic Salt
Smokey Garlic Salt
Smokey Garlic Salt
Smokey Garlic Salt
Spicecraft Smokey Garlic Salt
Smokey Garlic Salt
Smokey Garlic Salt

Smokey Garlic Salt

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For the humble home cook

If you like regular garlic salt, then you are going to love our Smokey Garlic Salt. We smoke the salt, not the garlic, so it's got a great natural garlic taste, expertly matched with balanced smokeyness and finished with a hint of basil. That's it, Nothing too out there, just an awesome seasoning for everday use. No recipes needed, use before or after cooking and it’ll become your go-to salt for go-to flavour!

Made from ingredients with No gluten, no nuts, no wheat, no soy, 100% Vegan (unless you use it on meat!)

Contains NO ONION.

No Rules, no recipes
Sprinkle it on meats before cooking , steak, kebabs, chicken, fish, lamb, pork,
Great in mashed potatoes,
Brine your stirfy chicken, sprinkling on and leave to sit for 20 min, The meat will be moister and more flavoursome.
Use in stir-fries, pastas, Casseroles
Add it to butter for a quick garlic butter, add it to mayo for a quick Aioli.
Spinkle on potato wedges, or fish and chips.

allspice, basil, bay leaf, black peppercorns, brown rice flour, cardamom, celery seed, cloves, garlic, ginger, hickory smoke, mace, mustard, nutmeg, paprika smoked, sea salt, silicon dioxide (anticaking), white pepper.

Blended by us, in our own facility, from the highest quality local and imported ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Collins

Smokey Garlic Salt


Goes great with everything

Jenny Clode

Sprinkled on

amy alden
Good quality service and product. Handy for everyday use. We love it

Great to season a steak with before cooking

Mel Corlett

We started off with the smaller one that we got at a show, we use it so often that we decided to splash out and get the biggest we could, it's amazing, we use it on just about everything

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