Oscars Fundraiser


Get Oscar to Germany

Oscar needs life saving Surgery in Germany for Abdominal Vascular Compression Sydrome (AVCS). We have approx 60k remaining to fundraise. We are running a Spicecraft fundraiser, It's really easy, simply make a purchase from Spicecraft in the next next 30 days using the link or referral code "Oscars Fundraiser"  and we get a 20% of your purchase goes towards Oscars lifesaving surgery. If you haven't tried Spicecraft products before, then just trust me, they are really good. The everyday seasonings are a good place to start, easy to use, full of flavour, gluten free, vegan. They have heaps of recipes online too! 

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Great product

Excellent product and service

Wild Salt Rocks
Jennie Hema
Love the product

Great sprinkled on venison steak for about fifteen minutes prior to cooking it

Super Dukkah
Mags Bellamy

Super Dukkah

Pimped Pepper
Rochelle Hagan
We all love the various flavours of Spicecraft and they were delivered so quick ❤️


Smokey Garlic Salt
Amy Monaghan
We love smoky garlic salt in our house & use it in so many different dishes.

We put it on chicken before cooking it in the BBQ. 👌

Pimped Pepper
Hayley Harrison

Love our spice mixes! The pimped pepper has become a favourite and we use it everyday!!

Lovely to put over anything !!

Really nice and versatile spice. Great on salads, meat and basically anything. Recommend to all.

Pimped Pepper
We use it almost on everything. This is the nicest blended pepper mix that we've had.

We're experimenting with adding it to our marinades, especially overnight marinades. So far certain cuts of Beef, Chicken and Pork.
Great on Briskit in the smoker!!!

Pimped Pepper
Carole Lowe

This is so good - use it on all sorts of things!

Great product. Have loved all of the ones we have tried.


On every meal 👍

The Must Haves
Great pantry staples

Love it in everything!

Something different have only used it once on scrambled eggs

sorry no

Hi Lisa, thanks for trying out our 'No Bagel, No Bagel' We appreciate your feedback and we're sorry to hear that it wasn't to your liking. Don't worry, it might not be your thing, but we encourage you to keep experimenting with it. You'll be surprised at the endless ways you can use this product. If you need some inspiration, check out our recipe page. Your honest review is valuable to us and it helps us show our customers that our reviews are 100% transparent. Thanks for taking the time to share with us, and happy cooking!


I love putting No Bagel No Bagel on my…you guessed it - bagel with cream cheese! It elevates it to a new level. I discovered SpiceCraft at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo years ago. The guy who owns it is super nice and I feel that all his products are a necessity in the kitchen.

So pleased you are enjoying our products Jackie, I appriciate your kind words, we love making them, using them, talking about them and sharing them around. But most of all we love hearing from people that use them everyday - Thank you, Richard

Very happy with my grinders, pleased you can see the amount in the grinders

Best on the market by far !!!

Pecorino cheese 🧀 spaghetti with this cracked black pepper from the one an only spice craft!! 🤌🤌👌🏻

Love their Pimped Pepper. Despite small order mix up, they were very good and no issues. Thanks h...

Pimped pepper on anything !!!!! yummy on roast potatoes, veges or stirfry. In fact about to try on my toast !!!!!

Love the products!

Love the bagel bagel in scrambled eggs!!!

Very versatile product

Cover 2 out of the 3 holes of the shaker. Way too large and way too many.

Crackin' Kiwi Rub
Nigel Harte
It's so complex and complete. It has a lot of sophistication without being crazy.

We love, love, love it.

Just too kind... we love, love, love kind words - makes us feel good!

Smokey Garlic Salt
Cheryl park

Awesome product use regular

Tasty and fast delivery

Pimped Pepper
Linda Petersen
Love this product!

Such a nice rub on barbecue steak

PIMPED PEPPER HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I love love love it. Every meal it's there supporting me, making sure every meal offers me complete satisfaction. From revaltionising my eggs on toast, adding that pop of "hell yeah" to my lunch time salad, to ensuring my steak at dinner is to die for! It's the small things in life that ensure everyday is a good one, Pimped Pepper ensures there is always something to smile about, even on the darkest of days. Thank you Spicecraft