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Print or share this pdf online for your friends and family

Alternatively, Use this link to direct them to our fundraising page fundraising-group

Create your own canva flyer from our template

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Making the most of your fundraiser

Its easy to sign up, its even easy to sell to a few people, but really maximizing your chance to raise some $$$ does take some effort. Listen to those that have done it before.

Get the Sample pack, I really can't put enough emphasis on this, once you have tried them you will know why. Share them around, let people smell and taste them, the product will sell it self.

SELL the Sizzle these products are AMAZING, sooo easy to use, so full of flavour, Give people a taste of the sample packs. tell them how you have used it.

Everybody is a potential buyer, We all eat food. - Chefs and non chefs, young and old. Its great if you can explain to someone how they will be able to use a product. " Granny this Original Salt Rocks will be amazing on your daily poached eggs"

Go Social We post recipes and hints on Facebook and Instagram pretty much daily. Follow us, tell your people to follow us, we provide the hints, you get the sale! And be sure to check out our recipe page for fantastically easy dinners.

Presents, Spicecraft seasoning packs, make great gifts, Birthdays, Xmas, fathers day, Or sell them into your work place for corporate gifts - you know it's a good idea!

Which fundraiser will suit me best?

Pre-order Fundraiser is perfect for groups that dont mind doing some work. You have to get the orders, collect the money, collate the orders and then hand out the orders to your buyers.

  • We provide spreadsheets and colour order forms.
  • Perfect for selling in a specific community or workplace
  • Our Pre-Order fundraiser has the highest margin and the lowest shipping costs.
  • Not all our products are offered with the pre-order fundraiser, but rest assured all our most popular products are!

Online Fundraiser No handling of money or product required. Perfect for national groups and organisations with a good online presence. Your customer gets a 5% discount and you get 15% commission.

  • You can sell NZ wide.
  • Sell via email, newsletters, on facebook, instargram, tik tok. we can even provide you, your own online shop.
  • Commision is paid direct to your bank account at the completion of your fundraiser
  • Full range of products available - or you can select a specifc range to suit your audience

Support NZ made

When you fundraise with Spicecraft, you are not just supporting your cause, you are also supporting us, our family our staff and their families too, our suppliers and of course our community - feels good doesn't it!

All about Online fundraising

Once your application is approved, you will have access to your dashboard, where you will find your own personal link that will enable you to start selling (and earning) right away.

You chose the end date.

Tell everyone: Share your unique code (and a link to our shop) on your socials, newsletters or message boards,

Ordering: Customers order on our website , they pop the code in at check out to get their discount and the sale is allocated to your fundraising. Commissions are calculated and allocated to you immediately, track current orders and commissions in your dashboard.

Shipping: Customers select and pay for shipping at checkout - product delivered direct to customer

We pay you: Whilst we have no minimum order requirements to participate in the fundraiser, commissions of less than $20 are paid out as store credits. Commission of $20 or more are paid by bank transfer at the start of the month after your fundraiser finishs.

In addition to the baseline commission, every fundraiser has the chance to earn Bonus payments

  • Earn $200 commission get $10 Bonus
  • Earn $500 commsion get $50 Bonus
  • Earn $1000 Commission get $100 Bonus