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Great spice and good size for refilling

Spicecraft® Hat
Chris Corke
A great product that always add a punch

Favourite pepper blend to add to pretty much anything - it has the right amount of flavour and spiciness. Good value for the amount you get - will definitely be reordering when finished the next lot


Love it on steak, roast veges, and even as some zing in garlic butter. My first stop when looking to season some cooking.

Super Dukkah
Perfect lovely taste

Love the dukah on my crackers with Avacado and fetta cheese

Brought the big container OMG so good love not just everything seeds. Have converted my daughter too

Try it on anything savoury, you will be astonished at the flavour

Love it - super tasty :) - very speedy delivery of my order. Thank you

Awesome products

Great on everything

epic seasoning

sensational taste

Love the rubs and original salt rocks. They go with so many dishes.

Chicken nibbles with the Vietnam rub. Very tasty.

Great product and really adds taste 😊

Not yet



Great, very very tasty

Cracked Black Pepper
Debbie Walker

Cracked Black Pepper

Can't beat it for flavour.

Absolutely awesome. We have found it to be the best mix for all of our favourite Mexican dishes.

Only just arrived sorry...NZ Post taking 10 days Auckland to Invercargill..

A new postal service?!!!!
So far all looks good with the package....
Great service from you guys

Maize'in' Mexican Rub
Sylvia Seelen

Excellent quick service.

Delicious and easy

Absolutely fantastic on homemade bagels

This is one of my most used kitchen products.

Jammin' Jerk Rub
Gary Carpenter
Loving it.

Wet rub on roast potatoes 😋

Pitmaster's Koshering Salt

The Must Haves
Ann Polglase
Love the smell and taste of the juniper berries. Yummy

Use instead of plain salt

The Ultimate Box
Benji Williamson

The Ultimate Box

Wild Salt Rocks
Daniel Kilian
Great selection, amazing flavours, easy to order and prompt delivery!

I love using wild salt rocks when cooking steaks over the wood fire!

Cracked Black Pepper
Grant Duncan

Great product and value

Love it!

It is great on everything!