Smoked Salt Crust Kit For Fish

Smoked Salt Crust Kit For Fish


Our Famous Smoked Salt Crust Kit for Fish is available again!

We only make this wonderful product a couple of times a year & in limited quantities, so if you don't want to miss out on this amazing product add it to your cart now!

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Our Smoked salt crust Kit is course Marlborough sea salt, smoked and blended with selected herbs and spices.

Bake a whole fish in our salt crust, scales, head and all, making it very easy to do, with stunning results & best of all, its very easy to clean up when you have finished eating.
It imparts a subtle fragrance into the fish as it cooks and ensures a nice even cook, creating a steam, bake effect and best of all its easy to do and perfect every time.

This has to be the easiest, nicest and cleanest way to cook whole fish.

Open pack
add 100ml water to bag and mix
pack under and around fish
Crack it open (the crust will go rock hard) and enjoy the best fish you will ever taste! -
Make it as dramatic as you want.- Use a hammer, a chisel, a cleaver or a knife!

The Kit comes with full instructions. - but don't worry it is sooo easy.
Great for special occasions or just for something a bit different!

Works with most whole fish from a few hundred grams to a couple of kgs.
Moki, Tarakihi, Gurnard, Bluecod, Snapper, whatever you have on hand.

Unique gift idea.