Smoked Salt Crust Kit For Fish

Smoked Salt Crust Kit For Fish

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This is a fantastic product, not only can you use it for whole fish, its also amazing on a whole chicken, baked potatoes (or as we like to call them, Dragons Eggs).

This is truly the best, & most tastiest way to cook a whole fish.

The salt crust bakes & steams the fish to perfection, while delicately imparting a subtle smokey, herby fragrance into the fish as it cooks.

Our Smoked Salt Crust Kit consists of Marlborough sea salt, smoked & blended with selected herbs & spices & best of all its easy to cook & perfect every time.

This has to be the easiest, nicest & cleanest way to cook whole fish.
The Kit comes with full instructions. - but don't worry it is so easy.
Great for special occasions or just for something a bit different!

Works with most whole fish from a few hundred grams to a couple of kgs.
Moki, Tarakihi, Gurnard, Bluecod, Snapper etc.

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