Kiwi Chicken Nuggets

*4 skinless/boneless chicken thighs-each cut into 2-3 pieces.

*1/2 cup plain unsweetened yoghurt
*2T Spicecraft Kiwi Rub
1T lemon juice

*2 cups of Breadcrumbs (we used gluten free).

Mix yoghurt, Kiwi Rub & lemon juice together into a paste. Add chicken pieces & mix well. Leave to marinate for 1/2 an hour to 1 hour.

Preheat oven at 200*C on fan grill with the tray you are going to cook the chicken on, in oven to heat up. ( you want a hot tray to place the chicken on when you are ready to cook it ).

After chicken has marinated, take 1 piece of chicken at a time & roll it into the breadcrumbs, coating it well. Repeat until all chicken is coated.

Take hot tray out of oven & place chicken onto it, return to oven & cook for 8-10mins or until chicken starts to brown up. Turn chicken over & cook for another 8-10mins or until chicken browns up again.

Enjoy your Kiwi Chicken Nuggets with some Kiwi Mayo!

Kiwi Mayo:
*3T Mayonnaise
*1t Spicecraft Kiwi rub
*Small squirt of lemon juice

Mix Mayo, Kiwi & lemon juice together for a delicious dip.

You use any of our rub flavours in the crumb mixture as well as the dip recipe.
Moroccan, Kiwi, Mexican, Jerk, Cajun, the choose is yours, but we love the Kiwi!

Richard Killoh