Burger and wedges - You can't go wrong.

*500gms Pork Mince

*1T Spicecraft Jerk Rub Seasoning

*A dash of lime juice

Mix above ingredients together and make into 4 patties, make them a bit bigger and flatter than your buns. Cook as desired, in the oven, in a pan or on the BBQ.

Once cooked assemble as you wish, maybe, a little salad, mayo, a spicy tomato relish and a slice of pineapple and a cheese slice.

Kiwi Wedges:

Cut 4-6 Agria potatoes into wedges, pop them in a bag, with a 1-2 Tablespoon of Spicecraft Kiwi Rub Seasoning, a little salt and a bit of flour (I use rice flour, but any is fine) shake them up to mix. Then spread out on a pre-oiled oven tray. Spray the top of the potatoes with some canned oil and bake at 180'c till crisp, turn once.

Richard KillohKiwi, jerk