BBQ heaven

SpiceCraft takes the classic flavours of the world and adds a touch of Kiwi to them,  here in NZ we do things our way, we make things how we like them to taste. And thats where my range of rubs and seasonings really shine - easy as, versatile, and most importantly FULL ON FLAVOUR. Did I mention no msg or anything like that.

Our rubs are designed for BBQ but feel free to shake it up a little. Cajun, Moroccan, Mexican, Jerk or Kiwi you can rub em on ya butt, ya ribs or chuck um on your roast spuds, make a soup or a salsa or put it on your baby backs.

Pull ya pork, jerk ya chicken, Its completely up to you what you do with them once you get them home!

So heres a couple of sharp deals for my fellow pitmasters of NZ. Hey and if you are getting into the competition scene, give me a hola to see what we can do to help.


BBQ Combo
40.00 50.00

1 of each of our five 125gm packs of Rubs.

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625gm Packs - Pick one
30.00 40.00

The best value for the serious BBQ pit-master.

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Koshering Salt
from 3.00

The perfect grain size for seasoning Brisket, short ribs, or even making your own rubs.

Non iodized course grain NZ sea salt.

Resealable bag.


Pack size:
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Onion & Garlic Powders

Perfect for making your own rubs and seasonings.

Plain pack. Resealable bag,


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