KFC - Kiwi Fried Chicken Burgers

KFC - Kiwi Fried Chicken Burgers

First step:

Coat the chicken thighs in Crackin' Kiwi Rub, and using your hands mix together to get an even coverage.

Second step:

Mix the following together:

Once mixed together pour the above ingredients over the chicken, mix everything together, getting a good coverage over thighs. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for at least two hours or ideally over night to marinade.

Third step:

Preheat vegetable oil of choice, in either a heavy deep pan on the stove or a deep-fryer, to 160 degrees C.


Mix the flour and Kiwi Rub together, then 1 by 1 coat the chicken in the flour mixture, put on a wire rack and leave for about 10 minutes, to dry out, after 10 mins if any of the pieces are still are little wet re-coat with some more of the flour mixture.

Cook the chicken thighs in oil for around 15 mins until the chickens internal temp is 70C. Once cooked, place each thigh on a wire rack, this will stop the chicken going soggy while you wait for it to cool down enough to make your chicken burger.

You can now make your chicken burgers. You know the drill - burger buns, sauce, lettuce, pickles, whatever you fancy!


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